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Teens and Tattoos: A Guide for Parents

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Teens and Tattoos: A Guide for Parents

The more you know about tattoos, their history and their cultural significance, the more your teenager will value your advice and input into their decision to get inked.

Teens are attracted to tattoos because they offer tangible proof that they have the ability to determine their own identity. Teenagers have always embraced rebellion – against their parents, against authority, even against societal norms themselves – and tattoos are one of the easiest and most effective ways to express the feelings of angst that teens typically experience.

Unfortunately, this can be disturbing to many parents. You are naturally protective of your children, so it’s natural for them to want to keep them from making big, life-altering mistakes that they may regret later. Combine this protectiveness with the average teenager’s impulsiveness and you have a surefire recipe for conflict.

Rather than resisting, a better approach is to be supportive and encouraging. While you privately may balk at their choice, if they have already made up their mind anything you say will only embolden them to act anyway. By letting your teenager know that you are okay with their getting a tattoo, it tells them that you trust them to make the important choices that affect their lives.

When they know they have your trust, love and support, they will be more open to hearing your advice and input.


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  1. 5.0 out of 5 stars
    Fantastic guide to teens and tats!, November 23, 2014
    Jeff B

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    This review is from: Teens and Tattoos: A Guide for Parents (Kindle Edition)
    “Teens and Tattoos” is a very special book in the realm of parenting books, because not many books have covered the subject of tattoos from a parenting standpoint. This is becoming a big concern for a lot of parents, because tattoos are much more mainstream today than they were ten or twenty years ago. Parents need to know the ins and outs of tattooing, and this book does an excellent job of informing parents on what they need to know. You get everything from the history of tattoos (dating back to prehistoric times) to how to live with a tattoo, and everything in between. Meredith Converse has put together an excellent guide for parents to read as they are trying to decide whether or not to allow their teenager to get “tatted up,” and she even offers some sound, psychologically-informed advice on how parents can deal with the subject when it comes up. This is a short book, but definitely a good one!


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