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The “People Power” Beauty Superbook Book 6. Body Art; Tattoos, Piercing, etc.

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The "People Power" Beauty Superbook Book 6. Body Art; Tattoos, Piercing, etc.

Many people have this fetish of adorning their bodies for sexual attraction sake and because they like the masochistic feeling of the piercings.

Body piercing go from earrings, nose rings, eye brow rings and tongue rings to body jewelry which is often bellybutton rings or studs can go as far as genital piercings.

Rings are just round pieces of metal. Studs are pieces of metal with a small knob at one end and a screw-on knob at the other.

From a health perspective, tattooing and piercing involve piercing the skin and/ or mucous membrane (inner lining in the mouth and nose) so as such, you're possibly opening yourself up to infection from bacteria and viruses on your skin and in the air. You have to keep the area very clean during the healing process.

Unless the needles are new or sterilized for eachuse, they could be contaminated with the infected blood or bodily fluids of another person.

Most tattooists and piercers will not work on anyone under 18 or anyone in an intoxicated state. These days, facial piercings, earlobe piercings, navel piercings, sex organ piercings, earlobe stretching, lip, tongue, nose and eyebrow rings are all commonly done.

Tattoo artists in general say that many people are not really mature enough to get tattoos and piercings and regret them later but they want to be seen as cool people now so that's the game.

People want to be so different that they'll often go to extremes to get some out there look. The Monroe is currently the fashionable piercing, removable diamond or steel studs just above the side of the upper lip. A ring goes in the skin between the upper lip and the gums and hangs over the teeth.

Removal of tattoo and piercing work is not as easy as many people think. A laser process will remove the ink after several expensive and painful sessions but it still but it still leaves a scar in the shape of the tattoo.

If you plan to get a tattoo, get something that really means something to you personally. Don't just copy what the so-called celebrities do.

Don't swim for two weeks after getting a tattoo.

If there's any swelling, redness, or heat in the location of piercings, see your doctor. If you feel sick, go to the hospital immediately.

Books about piercing and tattooing are at #617.95 or RD119.5 at the library.


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Not long ago, tattoos have seen an increase in interest. They have persisted since back then yet you'll find that there's a distinctive love-hate correlation when it concerns tattoos. There are those that understand them as a form of beauty and a means to showcase oneself yet others affiliate a deficiency of morals as well as other unpleasant qualities to those people who have tattoos. Disregarding their proclivity, we all know that tattoos have actually been enduring and will even carry on doing so for many years to come. At this point, you'll notice generally more people who sport a tattoo or at a minimum, deciding on getting one than in the past. Generally, the appeal that tattoos provide is a lot more appreciated by young adults and acquiring a tattoo that is quite competently designed would surely add on to it.

Unfortunately, a different way of regarding tattoos is really one which may cast them in a negative light. This acknowledges tattoos, most notably outlandish kinds, as a detail that reduces somebody's degree of professionalism especially in the work place. In such a case, possessing an exposed tattoo may possibly damage the chances of you securing a stable career. Naturally, this will depend on the manager's view on tattoos. A person who has any kind of tattoos inside of the confines of the office suit she or he is dressing up in is not going to encounter much problems as it is not apparent to other people in plain sight. Hence, tattoo placement is still quite essential nowadays and individuals who do not comply with these unmentioned standards might lose out. Tattoos in intimate regions are typically more sought for since they may be visible only by the people close towards the wearer.

When getting a tattoo, a specific thing that needs adequate advanced planning is your tattoo designs. Heart-felt text and symbolic artistic renditions are still the most prevalent types of tattoo designs simply because they hold their own even in 50 years. When you choose tattoo designs which offers ambiguous interpretations to the observer, you could potentially match them to whatever you are experiencing at the moment. "Cliched" designs should generally be steered clear of as they quite simply will likely not stand the test of time. Adding to that, you will be better off not getting tattoos which demonstrates very sensitive or taboo matters if you plan to stay away from complications.

A tasteful tattoo is usually elegant, fulfilling and great to admire whereas an inferior work could easily turn you into a small kid's artwork; not quite half decent but your nearest and dearest might just simply say otherwise. For this reason, much like any other thing that we do, groundwork is very important. You should never make purchasing a tattoo an impulsive decision. Do spend some time and seek information or recommendations to help you in your selection. If you give it your all, the result will be fruitful. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to